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To realize peak performance, organizations must consider five fundamental moments of learning need.

These "Five Moments" comprise the full spectrum of learning and performance support requirements.

An organization is competent to the degree that it is gaining and sustaining effective performance at every changing moment. These "Five Moments of Need" provide the overarching framework for performers to become and remain competent in their individual and collective work.

  • 1 Apply

    When performers need to act upon what they have learned, which included planning what they will do, remembering what they have forgotten, or adapting their performance to a unique situation.

  • 2 New

    When performers are learning how to do something for the first time.

  • 3 More

    When performers are expanding the breadth and depth of what they have learned.

  • 4 Solve

    When problems arise, or things break or don't work the way they were intended.

  • 5 Change

    When performers need to learn a new way of doing something, which requires them to change skills that are deeply ingrained in their performance practices.

Train, Transfer, and Sustain: The Complete Learning Journey

Every learning organization needs a defendable learning and performance strategy that spans the 5 Moments. This strategy needs to unfold intentionally across the learning journey. The following figure shows the three phases that a comprehensive learning and performance strategy needs to address.

Time to Competency
Concept & Task Mastery On–the–Job Competence Innovation & Cont'd Improvement Leaving this to chance extends "Time to Competency" Realize the True Value of Training!
  • Train: Whatever a learner begins to master during a training event (whether instructor-led or eLearning), rapidly declines once the event ends. Somehow, learners must find their way to effective on-the-job performance.
  • Transfer: The transfer stage represents the effort required by performers to make their way from whatever they learned in formal learning to competent performance as they do their work.
  • Sustain: It is one thing to become competent; it is another to remain so. The sustain stage is where you must support all 5 moments. Any learning organization that can prove its effectiveness at the sustain stage is providing business value few attain.

Performance Support Maturity Model

In meeting the 5 moments of need, we find that organizations typically journey through three levels of maturity. To assist in that journey we've built APPLY Synergies' services around the Performance Support Maturity Model. This includes incorporating the best practices of performance support into their offering, optimizing existing practices to enable peak performance, and delivering measurable business value. Our clients can enter anywhere along this spectrum depending on their needs and the maturity of their learning strategy.

Level 1 Initiate

  • Make the Case with POC
  • Audit
  • Set

Level 2 Establish

  • Prove with
  • Grow
  • Establish

Level 3 Transform

  • Measure
  • Optimize
  • Scale to
  • Level 1: Initiate Clients are generally in the initial steps of incorporating performance support into their existing practices and are looking for buy-in from the organization. They are developing their integrated learning and performance support strategy, making the case for performance support within their organization, and/or auditing their existing practices to identify gaps.
  • Level 2: Establish This is achieved when an organization has moved beyond strategy and buy-in and has planned one or more performance support projects. At the Establish level, organizations are building a framework with software tools, and templates; beginning their first projects; and looking to build bench strength for sustaining an integrated performance support/learning approach.
  • Level 3: Transform Focus on enterprise transformation. Typically, multiple projects already exist. Organizations want to scale their approach to an enterprise level, standardizing on a consistent approach to drive greater usability across solutions. This is also where organizations formalize an ongoing measurement set of practices and capabilities to align the learning and performance support strategy with business priorities.