Apply Synergies

Enabling Peak Performance all the time, everywhere

Apply Synergies helps its customers enable peak performance at the speed of change.

Apply Synergies is a strategic consulting firm that specializes in helping learning organizations design, develop and measure effective learning and performance support strategies to meet the 5 Moments of Learning Need.

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Our mission is to help your people enable Peak Performance on-the-job.

Today organizations face disruptive forces of market upheaval, technological shifts, demographic churn, and an unrelenting rate of change. These forces present themselves in combinations of speed and complexity that organizations simply haven't seen before.

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Enable peak performance on-the-job by ensuring that your people have the support they need to perform effectively at every changing moment.

Adapt the collective performance of your company in anticipation of the ever-changing world of technology we live and work in.

Respond to adaptive challenges through the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills, at or above the speed of change.

Deliver immediate, intuitive and intentionally tailored aid to your people at the moment of need. This is called “Performance Support”.

The 5 Moments of Learning Need

To realize peak performance, organizations must consider five fundamental moments of learning need. These “Five Moments” comprise the full spectrum of learning and performance support requirements.

An organization is competent to the degree that it is gaining and sustaining effective performance at every changing moment. These “Five Moments of Need” provide the overarching framework for performers to become and remain competent in their individual and collective work.

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The Performance Support Maturity Model

We build APPLY Synergies' services around what we call the Performance Support Maturity Model, a 3-level process that organizations typically journey through as they mature.

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1. Apply +
1. ApplyWhen performers need to act upon what they have learned, which includes planning what they will do, remembering what they have forgotten, or adapting their performance to a unique situation.
2. New +
2. NewWhen performers are learning how to do something for the first time.
3. More +
3. MoreWhen performers are expanding the breadth and depth of what they have learned.
4. Solve +
4. SolveWhen problems arise, or things break or don't work the way they were intended.
5. Change +
5. ChangeWhen performers need to learn a new way of doing something, which requires them to change skills that are deeply ingrained in their performance practices.